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A Few Quick Bits June 23, 2010

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First off, as an extension of my twopart post on chymistry and natural philosophy, readers interested in the topic may enjoy this interview with Bill Newman for NOVA’s “Newton’s Dark Secrets” program, which first aired five years ago.

Next, my once-and-future collaborator Lambert Williams sends along a link to this profile of Martin Gardner, who just recently died.  Gardner was a writer, ponderer of things scientific and philosophical, and is probably best-known for his long-running Mathematical Games column in Scientific American.

Finally, for those who like a face to go with their posts, via the latest AIP History Center newsletter, a typical day for me at the office:

The book, by the way, is Galileo’s Two New Sciences.  I picked up a cheap used copy on Amazon, but, not being a scholar of 17th-century mechanics, I still haven’t actually read the thing all the way through.