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(Going To) Rockville July 9, 2013

Posted by Will Thomas in Uncategorized.

Summer isn’t really the time for blogging anyway, but things have been particularly quiet around here because I’ve been busy moving away from London and back to the US.  This has involved finding something to do on the upcoming conclusion of my Junior Research Fellowship at Imperial College (I am not making the move to King’s with CHoSTM), finding a place to live, buying a car, and all the other elements of a major transition.

Anyway, I can now say that I’ve agreed to join History Associates, Inc. (based in Rockville, Maryland, outside Washington, DC) as a senior historian.  This will involve writing a lot of rapid-fire institutional histories, and—very attractively, to me—working with a research and writing team.  Of course, commercial history is a very different beast from academic history, meaning, for our purposes, that I will not be blogging at all about (or from) my work.  I plan to continue Ether Wave Propaganda as opportunity permits, but, since, between family and work, time for posting will be limited, I aim to make my posts as directly useful as possible.  This means worrying more about history, and less about blue-sky historiographical critique and philosophy.  Naturally, this doesn’t affect Chris Donohue’s posts in any way.  Regular blogging should resume before too long.




1. Patrick McCray - July 11, 2013

Congrats! I’ll be curious to hear more of your thoughts on doing commercial history.

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