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Bycroft on “Will’s Picture” at Double Réfraction May 8, 2012

Posted by Will Thomas in Uncategorized.

Michael Bycroft, an HPS PhD student at Cambridge and an occasional commenter on this blog, has started up a new (bilingual!) blog called Double Réfraction, which will run at least through this summer.  I offer as proof of my lack of insanity the fact that he has successfully absorbed many, or even most of the historiographical ideas articulated on this blog, and is distilling them into a series of posts over there.  (He was even kind enough to dig up my hubristic gauntlet-laying-down of New Years 2010!)  That project will ultimately lead into what I gather will be a sympathetic critique of EWP’s “house” position, or “Will’s Picture” as he terms it.  I have to say, I’m really floored by the seriousness with which he’s studied the ideas presented on this blog: these ideas are scattered over 4+ years of posts that have often been overly dense, poorly articulated, under-supported through examples, and doubtless repetitive.  I hope anyone with a serious interest in how the communal craftsmanship of history-writing and historiography-building operates will have a look.

New posts soon: I’ve been wanting to talk about a new journal article I have coming out any day now, but I want the article itself to exist in the public sphere before I do.



1. Michael Bycroft - May 8, 2012

I agree heartily with everything in this post except the link provided to my blog, which at the moment leads to a post on Ether Wave Propaganda. My blog is indebted to EWP, but not *that* indebted! The link should be http://doublerfraction.blogspot.co.uk.

I would add that there will be more on Double Réfraction than a summary and critique of the contents of EWP. The other topics I hope to cover are summarised in my introductory post at http://doublerfraction.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/introduction-four-kinds-of-double.html.

2. Will Thomas - May 8, 2012

Link fixed! And come to Double Réfraction for the critique of EWP, stay for the pie Bycroft programme!

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