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PaulingBlog (now The Pauling Blog) July 10, 2008

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By the way, check out the Oregon St. special collections’ PaulingBlog (linked on the right), if you haven’t already. They just did a revamp of their site. I’m excited to see a large science history collection present regular features from their holdings (in this case the Linus Pauling collection). We are also the first mention on their blogroll, so big thanks for that! I mentioned the new AIP web project below, but the History Center’s associated Niels Bohr Library and Archives is also looking for new ways to branch out on the web. We’re (the AIP, I mean) currently putting a lot of our oral history transcripts online, some with audio clips (which I’m picking out; see, for example, the Gamow interview), but I think snazzier things still are in store, and The Pauling Blog is carving out a nice path forward.

Speaking of snazzy, The Pauling Blog and Michael Robinson’s exploration blog have me thinking about moving this operation over to WordPress, because that tool seems to have more potential than Blogger. This would mean that I’ll have to put in more than the cursory work that I’ve been doing here, but would coincide with my plans to include some graphics, as well as interviews and guest bloggers. The summer’s ticking away, and I believe I promised improvements some time ago!



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