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Doppelganger May 30, 2008

Posted by Will Thomas in Uncategorized.

I admit it, I Google myself from time to time. Mostly, I want to see how visible I am on the internet, since William Thomas isn’t the most Google-able name in all the world. The last time I did so, I ran across a weird coincidence. Apparently there’s a history professor at the University of Nebraska named Will Thomas (William G. Thomas III, to be precise; on my end, I’m G. William Thomas (the original)), who studies 19th century American history and had a strong interest in new ways in which humanities scholarship can take advantage of the internet. He has a good blog called Roots of Modern America, mostly on the railroads; and a couple of other online projects, one also part of his railroads project. He even looks a little bit like an older version of me:

That’s him above, and below, for those of you who don’t know me, is a picture taken of me last weekend at a Washington Nationals game.
I only post this because I encourage you to take a look at some of his online work. The internet is undoubtedly going to transform how we publish and communicate historical work (aside from novel applications, I firmly believe that any work that would retail for more than $40-50 should have a free internet version–if it’s not commercially viable, make it available to everyone) so we should be comparing notes.



1. William - June 9, 2008


Thanks for your post and the encouraging words about my various projects. I hope to have much more up on The Roots of Modern America this summer–we have some cool, new parts of the project coming online.

I’m sometimes surprised how many of us there are. When another Will Thomas took George Mason University on its NCAA run, I immediately claimed him as kin. We “Will Thomases” need to stick together!


Will Thomas

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