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New Isis! May 1, 2008

Posted by Will Thomas in Uncategorized.

Ah, it’s that time again: the new Isis just found its way to my desk (a little worse for wear in the mail). On first glance, this one looks pretty cool, too. Former grad student colleague Alex Wellerstein has a piece on the patenting of the bomb; also: Rebekah Higgitt and Charles W. J. Withers on women as an audience at the BAAS, over a 70 year time scale–good sign! Robert Kohler has a piece on Vernon Bailey–looks a bit narrow, but maybe it’ll be surprising. Plus, a Focus section on “Changing Directions in History and Philosophy of Science” including 10 questions from my dissertation advisor, Peter Galison. Peter usually asks good, probing questions, so should be a good read. Another talented former colleague, Deborah Coen, reviews literature on the German environment, including one by David Blackbourn, who ran a great course I took in grad school on Problems and Sources in German History. OK, this post is getting a little Harvard-centric….

Plus, coming up in 3 months, a Focus section on the relevance of the history of science. I’ll believe it when I see it, but it’s good to at least broach the topic. The blogging plate is full!



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