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New Title March 17, 2008

Posted by Will Thomas in Uncategorized.

OK, how about “Waves in the Ether”? It seems a little corny, but it is appropriate for both the history of science and its internet medium. “Ether Wave Propaganda” is also a contender, but I’m not sure the pun on “propagation” is apparent enough, and, even if it is apparent, whether it’s not too cutesy to use a pun. Anyway, I’ll put it up there on a trial basis to see how the aesthetics are.

Edit: You know what? I kind of like the propaganda title better. Let’s see how that works.



1. Jenny Ferng - March 17, 2008

Uh, I don’t the title is self-explanatory, but that’s my opinion. Something more straight-forward perhaps?

2. Will Thomas - March 17, 2008

Like “A History of Science Blog”?

3. Chris Kelty - March 18, 2008

i think just “wave propaganda” has a nice ring too. Or, “Wave propaganda: Against Particles” ;)

I’ve been watching the blog, and enjoying the posts, glad to see History of Science finally representing in the blogosphere… keep it up

4. Will Thomas - March 18, 2008

Chris, thanks for tuning in. I like savageminds.org [an anthro blog, that Chris contributes to; check it out]–I got a lot of ideas from there, many of which are still pending inclusion here, like guest bloggers.

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